Policy on Non-Discrimination

Policy:  Each Practice and Facility listed on Exhibit A, attached hereto (collectively, “American Vision Partners”), does not exclude, deny benefits to, or discriminate in any way against any person on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation or sex.

Purpose:  To foster a non-discriminatory health care environment at American Vision Partners, where patients are treated with equality and in a welcoming and respectful manner. Two fundamental principles guide how American Vision Partners provides care to patients with disabilities:

  1. All patients will be provided the equal opportunity to participate in or benefit from the goods, services, facilities, privileges, and accommodations offered by American Vision Partners; and
  2. American Vision Partners is dedicated to making reasonable modifications to policies, practices, and procedures to make its goods, services, facilities, privileges and accommodations equal and accessible as required by law.

Scope:  The American Vision Partners Accessibility Office oversees this Policy on Non-Discrimination for the affiliated Practices and Facilities identified on Exhibit A.  All personnel of American Vision Partners must comply with this policy.


  1. American Vision Partners does not discriminate in the provision of services to patients or prospective patients with disabilities.
  2. The American Vision Partners’ Accessibility Office is designated to coordinate compliance with this Policy and applicable laws.
  3. American Vision Partners will provide, at no charge, aids and services to individuals with disabilities and language assistance services to individuals with limited English proficiency when needed to ensure equal opportunity and meaningful access to the American Vision Partners’ services and facilities.
  4. American Vision Partners will engage in an interactive process with patients who, because of disability, need transfer assistance at its facilities, to determine what transfer assistance options can be provided to each patient. This process will ensure that patients with disabilities are treated with respect, dignity and independence and will acknowledge the proficiency such patients have in understanding their disability and their transfer needs. See Policy on Transfer Assistance (AO-1.3).
  5. Communication to Patients: The policy shall be made available on the American Vision Partners website for all patients, and information about the policy will be posted in patient waiting areas.
  6. If an individual believes that American Vision Partners has discriminated in violation of this Policy, a grievance may be filed with the Civil Rights Coordinator of American Vision Partners as follows:

Attn: Accessibility Office, Civil Rights Coordinator

63 S Rockford Dr, Ste 220, Tempe, AZ 85281;

(602) 977-6040


  1. Employees of American Vision Partners who violate this policy shall be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. American Vision Partners will not retaliate against any individual who makes a good faith complaint under its Policies.


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